Elevate Agency collaborated with Tammi Relyea, owner of Braserie, to revolutionize her brand. We created a captivating logo, conducted a branded photoshoot, designed a stylish website, developed an enticing lead magnet, crafted compelling emails, and collaborated on product development. The outcome? Increased brand recognition, expanded audience reach, successful conversions, and substantial revenue growth for BRA-sériē.

+ Pinterest Board
+ Secondary Logo Design
+ Consulting
+ Typography Selection
+ Color Palette
+ Brand Style Guide
+ Website Design
+ Creative Direction
+ Social Media Theme



Photography by Remivision

Working with Taryn from Elevate Agency has been an absolute pleasure! Her expertise, professionalism, and creativity exceeded my expectations. Taryn's dedication and passion for our project made the collaboration seamless. I'm grateful for her guidance and the incredible results we achieved together. Highly recommended!


Tammi Relyea

We are honored to work with BRA-sériē and their founder Tammi Reylea and have been inspired by working with her brand . Through brand coaching, we helped Tammi refine her vision and values, while a visually stunning website and strategic marketing initiatives attracted a wider audience. Elevate Agency's comprehensive support went beyond brand development, empowering Tammi with the skills and insights needed to navigate the competitive market. Together, they have elevated BRA-sériē to new heights, establishing it as a trendsetter in the world of fashion accessories.

+ The Signature Brand Experience
+ Branded goods add-on
+ Website Design
+ Niche Magazine Design
+ Media Kit

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